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S’KAYA: Logo creation

S'KAYA logo by Suzaku Productions

Project: Logo creation

Client: S’KAYA is an international French reggae artist.

Since S’Kaya is touring all other the world, he needed to have a visual identity in order to be featured easily. And that is what a logo is made for. He was looking for something very specific, and we did our best to meet his expectations. After a few returns, we ended up with two logos.

Here is the first draft:

S'KAYA logo draft by Suzaku Productions

But S’Kaya wanted something more “punchy” and personal. This is why we added a set of amps to the colors of reggae music:

S'KAYA logo by Suzaku Productions

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A great logo or visual identity is more than just images and words. It tells who you arewhat you do and what you stand for at a glance.
Before any graphic design work, we brainstorm with you, discuss and exchange points of view in order to bring life to your ideas.
Then we start the design part and make several propositions. Once the final design is approved, we deliver files in all format you might need,  with all associated information (font, color, etc.).


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