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We are Suzaku Productions

We specialize in designing and developing high-ROI websites that help businesses grow


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Our Services

From technology to operational execution to marketing and business agility, we provide services to reach operational excellence.

Website Design

The backbone of your company and customers source of information, reflecting your brand image and value proposition.

Website Development

Enhance your website’s performance with automation, martech stack. Turn it into a strategic component with additional digital tactics like SEO, SEA, Social Networks.

SEO & Leads Generation

Attract selected leads, nurture and engage them to generate MQLs, convert the most qualified to SQLs before turning them into profitable customers.

Marketing Strategies

Generate a continuous improvement digital programs, align your OKRs with selected KPIs to generate positive ROI marketing campaigns.

Our Process of Work

Gap analysis – STEP 1

Optimise your digital visibility! Our expert team analyses your digital assets, identifies the gaps, and crafts strategic solutions to maximise your online impact. SEO-focused, results-driven.

Strategic Planning – STEP 2

We prepare a customer engagement plan, map the digital touchpoints in an integrated digital journey. Digital tactics are  chosen based on their relevance, impact on the overall campaign effectiveness.

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Operational Implementation – STEP 3

From your company’s long term goals, we prepare the best strategy, translate it into campaigns mapped into a roadmap with key milestones, to drive more business for your company.

Continuous Improvement – STEP 4

We run agile marketing campaigns, testing, improving step by step their efficiencies. The campaign is constantly monitored,  adjusted to ensure we achieve your objectives, reach a positive ROI and ROMI.

About Us

Committed to Success: Strategize your Customer Journey with ROI-Driven Digital Assets

Driven by ROI and profit margin? We craft digital projects for max efficiency !

Transcending customers B2B journey with AI-optimized assets designed for maximum engagement & conversion.

Suzaku Production is an awesome love story that blossomed beautifully over time.
First of all, it is about a fantastic teamwork between our beloved customers and our team.
10 years ago, we started as a simple web agency in Bangkok. Our specialty was creating top-notch, ultra performing websites, with one goal in mind: making our customers (who we consider like our life partners) absolutely thrilled.
As time passed, things naturally evolved. We got better and better, mastering all the websites related technologies and components, and that’s when we gained our first awards.
Like any relationship, we had to grow, mature, learn new tricks, cultivating a true passion for crafting digital assets using the latest technologies available.
Our once simple web agency transformed into a full-fledged digital agency committed to excellence.
Now, nearly 10 years later, we’ve amassed numerous awards, gained recognition, and received love letters from our satisfied clients.
Today, we embark on a new chapter, building websites that serve as the backbone of your brand, generating true qualified leads, driving successful marketing campaigns with data-driven digital assets and positive ROI. So, are you ready for the future ?

Our Commitment

Managed Team Work
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Your customer needs are at the center of our strategic approach, mapped into a customer journey. This journey is translated into actionable digital touchpoints. AI, innovation, and technology are then used to enhance your user experience.

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Our core focus, understanding your customer needs and the current business problem to be solved. We craft our strategy, based on the solution proposed supported by a marketing plan including digital assets and potentially additional needed recommendations

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Any marketing action, implementation of a digital asset should have an impact on your brand awareness or profit margin/sales. We align your company goals with OKRs, define core KPIs to be measured, track how each digital component contributes to achieving a positive ROI.

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Quick response…attentive to our needs…ability to offer creative solutions

Kris – Chareena Hill Resort

Suzaku’s team understood in details my needs and the universe of our products…


Suzaku’s best feature is their ‘can-do’ attitude which is committed to purpose…

Aarti – Embode

Suzaku Productions have been so reactive and full of propositions to successfully produce our content, in very short deadlines!..

Marion – BeautyMix