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Suzaku Productions is a Trusted Destination for Budgeted Solution and Better Client Experience: GoodFirms

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Suzaku Productions Co., Ltd. came up with a budgeted solution for a better client experience for its customers. Read about the company’s journey in the words of Kevin Pantanella – the Managing Director & Cofounder of Suzaku Productions Co., Ltd.

GoodFirms interviewed Kevin Pantanella, MD & Co-founder, Suzaku Production

As a web creative agency, Suzaku Productions Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2014 in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. It is a quirky, reliable, and lovable web agency among global clientele that offers website and application development, graphic design, and photo and video shooting production.

Suzaku Productions Co.Ltd. is basically based in the South-East Asian region, and operates in Europe and France. The company helps its clients to build their digital strategy by providing simple services of Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Website Development, SEO, Lead Generation Marketing, Landing Page/Funnel, etc.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Kevin Pantanella, the MD and Founder of Suzaku Productions Co., Ltd., discussed how the company came into formation and to whom it caters to. 

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Kevin starts the interview by sharing about his e-commerce project he had during 2013 when he arrived in Bangkok. He met some of the well-known agencies to speak about the project and brand vision to get quotations to build and develop this project.  He then realized that the budget size was prominent that time and the prices were similar as they were in Europe. He was disappointed and thought of building his own team for the project. Soon he realized that this gap is for an agency that will bring in a better client experience along with providing a fair price due to its geographical location. Hence, Suzaku Productions Co.Ltd. came into existence.

While asking about the business model of the company, Kevin shared that it was all in-house initially, but soon they realized it was a difficult job to handle all the digital aspects of the production and development process within the company only. At Suzaku Productions, custom-made solutions are provided to all clients according to their needs. Remote working is also facilitated to the team since 2015 and the goal is always to build the best team for each project.

Kevin clears that the company is less active in the e-commerce industry, but develops more company websites related to manufacturers, financial services, business services, consulting, neo bank solutions, consumer products and services. Graphic Design, Web Development, UX/UI, and more recently a lot of Lead Generation Marketing, with Landing page and Funnel Strategy are the services for which their clients mostly approach them. The company is well-recognized and appreciated by the global customers. Hence, it is rated as a top website development company in Thailand and top website designing company in Thailand gaining popularity worldwide. A review displayed below depicts how efficient Suzaku Productions has been towards serving its customers and how it values them.

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Kevin frankly shared about the declined customer satisfaction rate after pandemic due to certain situations. However, the company proudly maintains the 85% to 90% of customer satisfaction rate that was almost 95% before the pandemic. He said they are really working hard to increase the bars and satisfy their customers in all possible manners. The company follows the classic support system i.e., 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays by email, chat, or phone.

Regarding the payment structure that Suzaku Productions follows, the company is still trying to implement the fixed cost payment method to avoid chances of risk for both the parties. The company also works a bit for NGOs and sometimes accepts free projects to help social causes or boost women-entrepreneurship to make the world a better place. However, for business purposes, Suzaku Productions also tries to have a minimum budget requirement, especially for website development and brand strategies. For example, for a website development project $5000 to $30,000 has been charged during 2021.

Kevin concludes the interview by answering for where he sees the company would be in the next 10 years. He said, “It’s difficult to say exactly things are moving too fast in our industry but what I really know is that it will be ‘no location-based’ so worldwide and completely remote.”

The detailed interview can be glanced at the GoodFirms company page.

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