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Akinasia: Logo creation

Logo of AKINASIA by Suzaku Productions


  • Graphic creation of a logo
  • Graphic design
  • Web use, social networks, and printing (business card, roll up, banners …)

Client: AKINASIA, creator of events to promote and encourage female entrepreneurship agency specialized in events of entrepreneurs and professionals. Bangkok, Thailand.

Project to create a logo for a new company producing networking events that showcase women entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia. After a work of paintings, of inspiration, research of colors etc. The graphic design team of Suzaku Productions proposes a plate of several approaches to logos design. The client then chooses the approach she prefers and we rework it until we get the final logo.

Logo of AKINASIA by Suzaku Productions

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A great logo or visual identity is more than just images and words. It tells who you are, what you do and what you stand for in a glance.
Before any graphic design work, we brainstorm with you, discuss and exchange points of view in order to bring life to your ideas.
Then we start the design part and make several propositions. Once the final design is approved, we deliver files in all format you might need,  with all associated information (font, color, etc.).


Suzaku Productions Team.

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